Your story deserves to be celebrated. 

Personalized & Meaningful Ceremonies

Your story deserves to be celebrated!  As a full-time Wedding Officiant and Celebrant in Long Island and NYC, I am dedicated to creating and performing beautiful, personalized ceremonies.  Each is original, completely inspired by and designed for you, and reflective of your own personalities, styles, experiences, values, beliefs and backgrounds.  Whether you are seeking something light-hearted or solemn, modern or traditional, minimal or elaborate, playful or sophisticated - I am committed to providing a ceremony that feels authentic, honors your vision, and recognizes what is meaningful to you.

Moving & Unforgettable Experience

On your big day, you are marking a transition to begin a new chapter in your life - and that transition is realized during the ceremony.  You do not need to - and should not - settle for a boilerplate script and rote performance of this pinnacle moment!  A meaningful ceremony is the start of your celebration and becomes the foundation on which your entire day is built.  It promises to be an extraordinary, deep and moving experience that will touch you at your core.  Your friends and family will feel it too.  And it will stay with you and them forever.

For Anyone & Everyone

I serve anyone and everyone who wants to celebrate and mark life’s important moments!  I create and perform ceremonies for spiritual, secular, interfaith, same-sex, and multicultural couples and families.

Creative & Collaborative Process

I work with couples and families to understand what resonates with you and help you to articulate your own vision for your ceremony.  As we work together, the ceremony will unfold naturally and organically, so that, simply put, it is an extension of yourselves.  I have no agenda of my own, no rules, no preconceived notion of what your ceremony should be - I come only with open arms and open ears.  And of course my love for ceremony and celebration!  I learn about you and your story, offer custom-tailored suggestions and structure, then carefully and lovingly craft a ceremony designed just for you.  Together we make edits and adjustments until every element is just right.  When the day comes, I deliver your ceremony with the utmost professionalism, sincerity and love.  

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Danielle Giannone

Certified Celebrant & Wedding Officiant


"I truly recommend Danielle... She is simply lovely and would bring such character and substance to your wedding." - Ivy T.

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