My Philosophy

I passionately believe in the necessity and the power of ceremony and ritual as part of the human experience. Ceremonies and rituals help us transition and evolve through life from one state of being to another.  They allow us to acknowledge growth and change, they create meaning, they make moments sacred, and they act a source of security and stability to pass us through to the next phase of our lives.  Ceremonies and rituals create connection for the individual to him/herself, to another person, to the community, to the spirit, and to the present moment.

Celebrants bring another powerful dimension into ceremonies by serving as a knowledgeable guide and by allowing you to embrace rituals in your own personal way, to co-create the experience, identify and incorporate what is personally meaningful to you.  You can take what resonates with you from tradition and reimagine it in a way that also honors your individuality and personal beliefs.

Celebrant ceremonies speak your truth in a way that is uniquely you.

Every couple, every family, every person has a story that deserves to be celebrated.

Danielle Giannone

Certified Celebrant & Wedding Officiant