Jose and Pedro's Central Park Elopement

Jose and Pedro drove up from Florida with a few friends to enjoy a long weekend and elope in the great state of New York. They knew they wanted to have their ceremony in Central Park, but didn't have a specific spot in mind. I recommended the Shakespeare Garden, known for its beauty, tranquility, and intimacy, where you feel like you are miles away from the buzz of the city, though the taxis are whizzing by just a few steps away. The couple decided to get ready for the ceremony separately and meet in the park in the early evening. After a small snafu (Pedro got a bit lost on the winding paths of Central Park), the ceremony was underway. The sun had begun its descent, and in the twilight, the two held hands, shed some tears, and pledged their commitment to one another in matrimony.

At the time of Jose and Pedro's wedding, their home state of Florida did not allow same-sex marriage. To show your support for marriage equality, visit

Kind words from the couple...

On May 31, 2014, my partner and I decided to get married, and take that next big step in our lives; I had the blessing to contact Danielle, who, besides being beautiful she made our ceremony one of the most beautiful experiences in our lives; we felt it was all part of our blessing... I will totally recommend her to my friends and family... If we can describe her in one word that will be AMAZING!
— Jose

Q&A with the couple

Q. What was your favorite moment in the ceremony?
A. Our vows.
Q. What advice would you offer to couples that are planning their wedding?
A. Our advice to couples is to plan everything in advance!