Adrienne and David's Marriage Begins at the Metropolitan Building

Adrienne and David were introduced by a mutual friend, and the two clicked immediately.  As their relationship unfolded naturally, a romance began to brew, and after seven years, here we were on their wedding day. 

The Metropolitan Building has a feeling of warmth about it, like a million love stories are held within its walls - combined with all the love emanating from the bride and groom and their closest family and friends, there was certainly something magical happening there that night. 

Adrienne and David's wedding ceremony was sweet and romantic. Their love story tugged at our heartstrings and also fostered a few laughs! The two had always felt a deep connection and an easy understanding between them, and they'd become an inextricable part of one another's lives. 

A unity candle was the way they chose to symbolize their union, representing each of their vibrant spirits and the way they shine brighter and stronger coming together as one.

This Christian tradition was later followed by a Jewish ritual, the breaking of the glass, for which there are many interpretations. Some say the fragile glass represents how delicate a marriage is and acts a reminder that it should be treated with great care and attention. Others say it is a wish that the couple's marriage should last as long as it would take to put all of the shattered pieces back together again. As we heard the glass crunch under the weight of David's foot, everyone shouted "Mazel Tov!" for a joyful conclusion of the ceremony.  

Adrienne and David walked down the aisle with big smiles, taking their first steps into a very happy marriage!

Kind words from the couple...

The ceremony we hoped for... Danielle was an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped us determine the tone and the content we wanted for our ceremony and composed it according to our wishes, and at the wedding presented our story with warmth and sincerity (and a bit of humor!). Our guests really enjoyed the ceremony and are still talking about how wonderful she was. My father even asked her for a copy of the ceremony to keep! We’re so happy we got to work with her for our wedding!
— Adrienne & David

Vendor Highlights

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Metropolitan Building

Photographer: Katie Osgood                            

DJ: Gary Hoffmann, 74events