Jessica and Turguy's Irish and Turkish Wedding at My Moon

If it's true that rain on your wedding day is good luck, then Jessica and Turguy are the luckiest couple I know! Though the outdoor ceremony space at My Moon was tented, the downpours were so torrential that the venue manager was game-planning with the staff down to the last minute on how to create an impromptu indoor ceremony space within the reception area. Jessica and Turguy were laid back about it; they weren't going to let the weather put a damper on their wedding day. Luckily, the rain let up enough for the guests to venture outside and begin the ceremony right on time. There were a few virtual guests too! Turguy's parents joined us from Turkey on a live stream.

We've all heard stories about love at first site... well, this was not one of them! Jessica and Turguy were not fond of one another when they first met at work a few years before. But eventually dislike turned into like, and then eventually love.  Their guests laughed and cried as I told their story, and we reflected on what had brought us to that moment in time, celebrating the couple's commitment in marriage. You'd never know they had a rocky start by the way they looked into each others' eyes that day. 

The pair chose to honor each of their cultures at their wedding - his during the reception with lots of traditional Turkish food and drinks, and hers during the ceremony. Jessica has some Irish blood in her, so I suggested that we incorporate an Irish Wedding Bell ritual (sometimes known as the Bell of Truce). They hadn't heard of this old tradition and were very excited by the idea. Toward the end of the ceremony, together hand in hand, they rang an antique bell (given to her by her grandmother) as they felt their love for each other, the support of their family and friends, and all of their hopes for the future. They have since set aside a special place in their home for this bell, and will reach for it whenever they need a reminder of the joy of their wedding day and the loving promises they made to one another.

Kind words from the couple...

Danielle made the process of setting up our ceremony a breeze. We didn’t have a clear idea of what we wanted and she did such a great job giving us ideas and creating the perfect wedding ceremony for us. She truly was interested in us and our story a put together a wedding ceremony that was so personal and perfect for us. Our ceremony was definitely more than your typical wedding ceremony, it was something that us and our guests will remember forever. Danielle made every step of the process easy and painless. If you are looking for an unforgettable, personal wedding ceremony you should end your search with Danielle.
— Jessica & Turguy

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Ceremony & Reception Venue: My Moon